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Kathy Galloway, brand and innovation consultat

I help ambitious CPG brand leaders make real progress on critical projects that create more stress than they should. 


Does that sound like you?

Hi! I'm Kathy

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CPG brand leaders are in a never-ending, ever-growing struggle to get more done, more quickly. Competitive stakes are higher, company goals are loftier, and your ambition drives you towards even more.


You love this life, right?

But at the same time, timelines are shorter, resources are tighter and days are still, somehow, just 24 hours long.  Leaving you stressed to get it all done with strategic, thoughtful care, instead of just slappin' something together.

I have heard this story so many times!  The struggle is real -- and it's not just you.


This is where I jump right in. I make your 24 hours work harder so you can accomplish more. 


In my 15 years of experience, I've learned how to define a vision and then translate it into an actionable plan quickly and effectively. I use a strategic and pragmatic approach to get it done well and get it done now. 


So you can walk in that boardroom confidently

because you've got a smart plan in hand. 

Then, all that's left are big wins for your brand, your team, and, of course...

big wins for you. 

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Kathy possesses the perfect balance of strategic thinking, project management, business acumen, and brand management expertise.

Director of Brand Marketing

She is my go-to and first choice strategist/consultant, hands down. If you are looking for a strategic, innovative and dependable consultant, Kathy is the one for you.

Sr Marketing Director 

Kathy is an incredible strategic thinker. She has a rare ability to break down and analyze a problem and determine the best path forward. 

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CPG Brand & Innovation Consulting

Brand Strategy & Planning

Development of short and long term brand strategic plans to identify & capture new growth or solve business challenges

Innovation Strategy & Execution

Identify incremental, profit-driving opportunities thru consumer and data insights, develop product or platform concepts and ready for launch

Marketing Strategy  & Planning

Full plan development that aligns with strategic objectives and drives brand growth

Tap into my 15 years experience across 20 different product categories to tackle the toughest business challenge.

product categories of expertise

TYPE: Natural, organic and conventional

FOOD: salty snacks, baked snacks, applesauce, cottage cheese, pouch snacks

BEVERAGE: juice, juice drinks, mixers, CSD, bottled water, sparkling water, ready-to-drink coffee, ready-to-drink tea, conventional milk, flavored milk, plant-based milk, coffee creamers, eggnog

BEAUTY: natural, multicultural haircare

Case Studies

food bowl


A high priority project was at risk by limited bandwidth from a very lean team. Partnering with the Director of Innovation, I drove the consumer research agenda, drove packaging structure and graphics design work resulting in a consumer preferred package, partnered with R&D on the formulation development, and helped craft the communications brief based on consumer insights learned.  The products will launch nationally in March 2018.

water bottle


With several existing bottled water brands and additional water innovation imminent, the client's team was too busy with their annual growth agenda to think about portfolio management.  I partnered with the team to lay out a vision for their water business and provided deep analysis of the competitive water landscape.  Using both, we established the role of each brand and upcoming innovation. This Water Portfolio Strategy maximizes reach, profitability, and efficiency, and has since led to additional innovation and acquisitions. 

almond milk


The client was eager to get in on the growth of plant-based beverages but did not have the knowledge base to develop a strategy. I led a research agenda that defined the landscape, the consumer and competitors. Plus, dove deep into POS data and secondary research to fully understand category drivers.  We partnered on a strategic innovation recommendation including positioning, brand development, graphics and structural design, formulation and more. 


Kathy Galloway brand & innovation consultant


I work with people and brands that are personally meaningful to me - and it shows


Intuitively connecting & integrating the big picture + the small details to see the problems & possibilities


15 years working with ultra-large ($10B) & modestly small ($10MM) brands in over 20 product categories

How I got here

kgalloway timeline

I'm originally from NJ and got to Texas by way of the University of Texas at Austin, where I earned my MBA at the McCombs School of Business in 2004.   


After school, I spent close to 5 years at Pepsico's Frito Lay, learning the craft of data-driven, last-mile-execution, strategic CPG marketing.


In 2010, I joined the marketing team at Dean Foods, the country's largest dairy company that at the time was building a brand-roster.  I learned how to think like an entrepreneur while managing the complexities of century-old manufacturing and go-to-market system. 


In the spring of 2012, I joined a very small, 40-person company where I ran a multicultural beauty business - Cantu Shea Butter - and I dove even deeper into the entrepreneurial process, thriving with much smaller budgets, and even bigger aspirations.  


In 2013, I decided to make a shift to consulting.  I wanted to focus my work on my strategic, analytic and planning strengths so that I could truly help other brand leaders succeed at their own work.  

Over the years I had learned that brand leaders across all types of organizations are struggling with getting mission critical projects done with a strategic vision and a smartly crafted plan because they were are often under-resourced or time-crunched

Since then, I have helped my clients with numerous projects and I am proud that every single one has become a (many times over) repeat client or has generously provided a recommendation.  I am motivated by the fact that I can be a small part of their success.


I look forward to being a part of your success, too. 


What are you waiting for?

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