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Why We Do
What We Do


In the face of life's inevitable challenges, it's all too common to find ourselves at a crossroads, overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the obstacles before us.

This paralysis isn't just about not knowing what to do; 
it's about being unable to see through the fog of our own thoughts, to articulate our deepest desires, or to make the bold choices necessary to overcome these hurdles.


The result? A muddled response where we either confront these challenges half-heartedly (fight), stand frozen in indecision (freeze), or turn our backs, hoping for external change to chart a new path for us (flight).


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This is where our journey begins.

"The secret to strategy and positioning?  Articulating every single point clearly and individually, but still threaded together."

Kathy Guzmán Galloway

Our proprietary framework was developed

over 10 years of testing and optimizing.


It provides a fool-proof blueprint upon which to build the optimal brand positioning and leverage all the characteristics that make a brand unique and meaningful.

Defining each of the 5 components clarifies and strengthens the next, resulting in a brand positioning that is strategically sound, emotionally and functionally motivating, and simple for anyone to understand and reinforce.


Our Secret Sauce

The Clarity Catalyst Framework

Books on a Yellow Wall

ok but seriously.

Lets book some time and solve this already

cause ain't nobody got time for that.

Girl mom, strategist, entrepreneur, educator, mentor, and 20-year veteran of the CPG world.  Kathy operates in her zone of genius as a strategist and facilitator, helping organize data and thoughts to create the clarity needed to make decisions with confidence.

Kathy Guzmán Galloway

Founder, CEO & Head Wizard


In the past 10 years, she has built her consultancy, The Clarity Wizard, by working with some of the largest, youngest, and most innovative brands across CPG and other consumer industries. As a strategist, she helps brands drive growth with strategy and innovation.  And as a facilitator, she provides strategic thought leadership for clients who are often too busy running their business to find ‘thinking time’ to grow their business. 

She partners closely with organizations that support startup founders – particularly those who are marginalized and/or under-represented – to educate and mentor founders on Brand Positioning and Innovation, with CPG organizations including SKU, the CPG startup accelerator, DFW CPG, and BIPOC-focused organizations like Project Potluck, Impact Ventures, and Santander’s Cultivate Business Accelerator.  To fulfill her personal goal to empower ambitious women to excel on their own terms, she’s the creator and host of the Fork in the Road podcast which educates and inspires women to make big moves in their careers.

She’s a mother, wife,

Afro-Latina, and Jersey girl

living in Texas.  She’s a proud

daughter of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, who loves cooking, beaches and 90’s merengue (Oro Solido!). She has native fluency in both Spanish and English  and is based in Dallas.

Let’s Work Together

The Clarity Wizard offers custom consulting services for Consumer Packaged Goods brands in positioning, insights, and strategy.

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