Structure & process are tangible resources that help remove the clutter from our minds to see a path forward. I exist to create clarity that empowers us to move foward


20+ years CPG experience in 25 categories, 10+ years as a successful consultant with revenues over $500k annually


Driven by an innate desire to positively impact others’ lives, passionately committed to your success


Has the superpower to simplify the complex, with proprietary frameworks and processes to make things click


I'm Kathy Guzmán Galloway!

I'm a girl mom, entrepreneur, mentor, investor, strategist and 20 year veteran of the CPG world.   


Kathy is the CEO at kgalloway consulting, helping startups to Fortune 500 brands drive growth with strategy and innovation.  As the principal strategist, she facilitates strategic thought leadership for clients who are often too busy running their business to find ‘thinking time’ to grow their business.  She operates in her zone of genius as a strategist and facilitator, helping organize data and thoughts into insights, and insights into action. 


In 2022, she joined SKU, the CPG startup accelerator, as Curriculum Director, where she leads the 12 week training program & personally teaches on Purpose, Mission, and Innovation. Additionally, she leads SKU Elevate, the track focused on underrepresented Black and Brown founders, as the Program Director.


She’s an afro-Latinx Jersey girl living in Texas, proud daughter of Dominican Republic immigrants, who loves cooking, beaches and 90’s merengue.

   To fulfill her personal goal to empower ambitious women to excel on their own terms, she’s the creator of The Consultant Launch Course which helps corporate ‘team-players’ create a consultancy that empowers them to take back control of their careers. And she’s the creator and host of the Fork in the Road podcast which educates and inspires women to make big moves in their careers. 

" I started this company to find my own path to success & have since built a mid-6 figure company that uses scrappiness & talent to truly help other brand leaders succeed.


Our team has helped clients with projects that span the marketing playbook and I am proud that my clients have become (many times over) repeat clients...


We are motivated by the fact that we can be a small part of their success.  We look forward to being a part of your success, too. " 

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