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On a mission to help people reach their greatest ambitions by helping them see the path forward more clearly.

What can you expect from The Clarity Wizard?

We are driven by an innate desire to positively impact others’ lives.  Our superpower is to simplify it all, with proprietary frameworks & processes to make things click. With over 20 years experience across Fortune 500 to startup companies, the Clarity Wizard makes you  



No matter which stage of business you are in, the clarity wizard specializes in:


Coaching & Advising

We have 20+ years of brand building experience with many iconic brands. We have knowledge of over 25 Consumer Packaged Goods categories. You will have confidence in your next moves.


Workshops & Courses

We've built proprietary frameworks that make the process logical and easy to understand, so you can get to Brand Fundamentals you believe in. You can feel good about sharing with the world.


Podcast & Engagements

We believe strongly in abundance – we want you to succeed faster and a lot smarter.  We're especially passionate about continuing the conversation with women & minority-owned brands.

Who do we work with? 

From startup through corporate business, we work with leaders who are looking to grow and better themselves or their business.

Consumer Brand Leaders 

Founders and owners who want to create new products to grow their brand’s connection with their consumer.


The Clarity Wizard is a boutique brand consultancy that provides hand-held guidance that unlocks clarity and confidence. 

Corporate Leaders

Women with deep expertise & have big ambitions can feel drained & stuck in a corporate box.


The Clarity Wizard is a coach and educator that provides the tools to help take back control of your career.

 Uncertainty & overwhelm can prevent us from reaching our greatest goals. 

When we face an important challenge, the magnitude of the challenge can be overwhelming & make us feel stuck in our own thoughts. It can be hard to articulate what we truly want or make confident choices to conquer the challenge.   As a result, we muddle through with uncertainty, we either hesitate and delay, or we ignore it, hoping that something else will drive the change for us.

It’s time to stop feeling stuck and start taking charge of your path. 

It’s time to tap into the expertise & experience you already have with confidence and clarity. 

Let's Do This!


Dawn Carr, CEO Mahogany Insights

"I went from feeling like a solopreneur, 

to being a CEO."

 "Kathy helped my focus on creating a clear definition of the mission and purpose for my company that inspired EVERYTHING in the way that I approach my business. As a result of that work, I created a framework model that directs my product offerings and helps me clearly articulate to clients my point of difference...

If you get the chance to work with her, you should!” 


Meet Kathy Guzmán Galloway 

Clarity Wizard
CPG Strategy & Innovation Startup Coach
Mentor & Investor

She is here to create clarity that empowers you to move forward with your business. She is not the norm; she does business her way as the CEO at kgalloway consulting.   She is passionate to help you succeed, as she did in her own journey, organizing data and thoughts into action.

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