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You may be considering or even dreaming of ditching that 9-5 and doing your own thing but right now it still feels like a HUGE leap, and you aren’t sure where to begin.

You can keep considering and dreaming, but if you are not professionally fulfilled…

  • They're not paying you enough. 

  • You’re not getting the promotions you desire. 

  • You don't feel connected to the work you do or the company.

And you’re not personally fulfilled…

  • You don't have enough time for your kids, family, or even friends.

  • There’s a separation between your career and your life.

  • You crave more control over your schedule and your potential.

...then what are you waiting for?

It’s time to stop feeling stuck and start taking charge of your path. 

It’s time to tap into the expertise and experience you already have with confidence and create your own consulting business where you can run the show. 

Let's Do This!

You Really Want To Start Your Own Consulting Business

Being your own boss sounds absolutely amazing…

  • Leave behind your unfulfilling 9-5!
  • Create potential for more income!
  • Serve the world with your expertise!

But there are also nagging doubts in your mind…

  • Is this the next right step for me?
  • What exactly is this going to look like?
  • Are people really going to hire me?
  • How do I price my services?
  • How do I pay myself?
  • Is it worth giving up job security, bonus stocks, retirement accounts, and healthcare?

So how do you know if this is right for you? And if it’s going to work out if you take the leap?

You get super clear about what it is you really want, what a consulting business could really look like for you, AND you put a solid foundation in place so you can build your consulting business in a way that WILL WORK OUT FOR YOU.

It’s Hard to Build a Consulting Business and Make Money if You Don’t Know Where & How to Start.

There are foundations you need to have in place before starting a business so that when you’re up and running you can focus on doing your best consulting work and getting results like the expert that you are!

You don't have to spend months trying to figure out: how do I set up an email? And do I need a website? How do I hire people? Do I need insurance? What is my tax liability?

And then there’s the soft skills

…Because you don’t want to end up creating a business that becomes the exact thing you are trying to leave now. 

You’ve got to be both strategic and intentional when it comes to creating a consulting business that you can love
When you try to do it all by yourself, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all that there is to figure out.

And it’s not your fault—you’ve never done this before!

There are so many things that you could do…but what’s really worth your time?

What’s going to move the needle the most so that you can get your consulting business up and running and profitable as fast as possible?

If you’ve already been sitting on this dream for months now…

If the thought of leaving your 9-5 crosses your mind often…

If you can see yourself having a greater impact sharing your expertise as a consultant…

the calling is clear and the time is NOW.
Here are three simple steps to get started confidently becoming a consultant:


Clarify your intentions and goals for why you’re starting this business so that you can move forward - even in the face of fear, doubt, and uncertainty that will naturally arise.


Create a clear path with step-by-step instructions of everything you need to set up your business - including logistics, support, and processes.


Confidently get clients, get paid, and reach your goals. Start living the life that you are dreaming of now.


Get The Exact Roadmap You Need To Build Your Own Consulting Business!

Go from no business to getting clients, accepting payments, and planning for growth…in just 6 weeks!

"She has inspired me to think beyond the box."

"Kathy has been my go-to strategic partner, mentor, and business advisor for the last three years. She is not only a wicked-smart marketer and business steward but also a person who has led me to believe in more significant opportunities for my career. She has inspired me to think beyond the box, and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering learning from her."

-Brandi Jenniskens, CEO JennisCo

"I went from feeling like a solopreneur, to being a CEO."

"Kathy helped my focus on creating a clear definition of the mission and purpose for my company that inspired EVERYTHING in the way that I approach my business. As a result of that work, I created a framework model that directs my product offerings and helps me clearly articulate to clients my point of difference. I have no worries about the sustainability of my company. She is also just incredibly smart, open, and heartfelt. If you get the chance to work with her, you should!” 

-Dawn Carr, CEO Mahogany Insights

From Corporate to Consulting:

The Consultant Launch Course

It’s simpler than you think—here’s what’s inside!

Module 1: Setting Your Intentions
- Explore your gains and losses. 
- Consider & clearly articulate your why.

Module 2: Creating a Business
- Create an actual business organization.
- Establish a company.
- What you need to get up and running.

Module 3: Getting Clients
- How to get your first clients.
- How to create awareness.
- Pitching, pricing, and creating proposals.

Module 4: Getting Paid
- Why & how to deliver with excellence.
- How to invoice and accept payments.

Module 5: Planning & Resources
- Setting goals and planning.
- Hiring help to support growth.
- Creating a support System

Module 6: Making Sure it's Worth It
- Working & living with intention
- Building a gratitude habit

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The Consultant Launch Course (Lifetime Access)


Go from Corporate to Consulting.

  • 6-weeks worth of recorded lessons with step-by-step guidance.
  • Worksheets, checklists, and tools to help you put what you learn to work.
  • Invaluable real life insight and examples to minimize ramp up time.
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  • BONUS Productivity Workshop
  • A printed workbook shipped to your door.
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Availability for this high-touch personalized level of support is limited.



VIP Access & Support (Limited Availability)


Get everything included in the course plus:

  • 3 one-hour one-to-one mentoring sessions. 
  • BONUS Productivity Workshop
  • A printed workbook shipped to your door.
  • 6-weeks of Slack Messaging Support

Availability for this high-touch personalized level of support is limited.


The Truth is:

If you want to start Consulting,

you need to know how to start a business.

Yes, you can spend hours and hours searching and finding answers in blogs, articles, YouTube and more. And then attempt to make sense of it all.

And yes, you can learn as you go, addressing each issue or topic as it comes.

I know first-hand both of these options waste a lot of time and money. And there’s no reason to waste valuable hours that should be spent building your business on research!

Everything you NEED TO KNOW is in this course, presented in a easy to follow approach and the speed with which you’ll be up and running is worth 10x the cost of this course.


Don’t limit your success and potential by ignoring this opportunity.
Your time, energy, and effort are too valuable.

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Hi, I’m Kathy Guzmàn Galloway, and I went from working in corporate to creating my own $500k consulting business.


And now I’m teaching you how to create this for yourself…without all of the trial and error and frustration of figuring out how to do something you’ve never done before.

This course is based on my exact experience creating a business the last 9+ years from $0 to $500k. I provide you with specific action steps on how to get your business up and running…not just fluff talk.

No more growing frustrated or overwhelmed trying to figure it all out on your own! 🙅🏽‍♀️

Reach your goals FASTER and with more EASE with this course in your back pocket.

You don’t have time to waste.

Learn from someone who has been there.

I earned my MBA, worked in corporate at Pepsico Frito Lay, then started this company in 2013 to find my own path to success…

…and have since built a 6-figure company that uses scrappiness and talent to truly help other brand leaders succeed!

Our team has helped clients with projects that span the marketing playbook and I am proud that every single one has become a (many times over) repeat client or has generously provided a recommendation.

I am motivated by the fact that I can be a small part of their success, and I look forward to being a part of your success, too.

How To Know If You Are The Perfect Fit

To be honest, this path isn’t for everyone...

The students that are successful with this course are:

  • Self motivated to complete a checklist action items.
  • Want to get all the business set up quickly so they can get to doing great work for their clients!
  • Have never owned a business before and don’t even know where to start!
  • Know that this is the right path and are ready to start their consulting business now.
Yes! I'm Ready!


My honest Answers...

I hope this course will reduce the anxiety and fear that comes with doing something as big and life-changing as changing careers.

This program will handhold you through this process so you can focus on being the expert your clients want, instead of being bogged down by the business of being in business.

Consulting has given me a freedom and level of success that I could never have imagined for myself in the corporate world and I hope this course helps put you on the same trajectory.
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